Need Dallas/Fort Worth dog training help? Let’s change your dog – for good!

Tod provides Dallas Fort Worth dog training - change your dog for good!


My name is Tod McVicker – IACP CDT, I train dogs and owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Together let’s change your dog – for good! Communicate more clearly, improve obedience, address issues.


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Dallas Fort Worth dog training, train your dog for good!

Board & Train

My 21 day board and train program provides a dog that is ready to be a pleasant companion for wherever your life takes you. Let’s change your dog – for good!


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Dallas fort worth dog training by Tod produces reliable dogs.

Dog Training at Your Home

In a consultation at your home we can make some big changes fast! Dallas/Fort Worth dog training at your home can make dramatic improvements.


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Dallas fort worth dog training, puppy training and breed selection

Puppy Training

Start off on the right foot with your dog! I’m happy to help with puppy basics, or to help you determine the right breed/puppy for your lifestyle. Let’s get started!


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See what clients have to say about the changes we made with their dogs - I can help you too.

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Teaching What We Have Learned


In listening to the autobiography of Helen Keller, the famous deaf and blind woman, I was struck by a story from her childhood about a story she wrote in braille.. read more

I See What You Are Thinking! (Dog Body Language )


I was working with a board and train dog today, and I looked down and could tell he was thinking about stepping off the curb into the road before I.. read more

Fulfillment for your dog


One of the things that I think makes my board and train program successful is the way I live with your dog while it is here, and teach you to.. read more