About Tod McVicker IACP CDT/PDTI/CDTA.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Tod McVicker IACP CDT/PDTI/CDTAI began showing Cardigan Welsh Corgis in AKC conformation around 1987. After many years spent with dogs, I realized that I had a special aptitude, a gift, for aligning dogs with their masters and other dogs.

After I turned over control of my life to my “Good Master”, I found a clear calling to follow this path – to help owners and dogs break down the walls and repair these relationships. My wish is to create for you the correct role as Leader and move your dog to the role of trusting pack member.

The dogs I work with have often been seen by professional trainers, dog behavioral therapists, veterinarians…..and their problems still persist. I have shown time and again that I can reach these dogs. I’ve prepared to follow this path for many years, devoting time to studying topics that will benefit both the dog and the owner.

By combining my intuitive abilities with the excellent training style offered by Martin Deeley (E-Touch Method™), Redeeming Dogs now uses the best of both worlds. Let me show you what your dog needs to really blossom.

I have been training dogs professionally since 2006, and I’m active in my professional organization, The International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). I’ve served on their board of directors, and I was named an IACP Ambassador. I hold three professional certifications through this group, the CDT (Certified Dog Trainer), the PDTI (Professional Dog Training Instructor), and the CDTA (Certified Dog Trainer Advanced). Unlike a lot of dog trainer certification programs these aren’t written tests over subject matter, but proof of training skills, endorsement by clients and other training professionals, and actual time in years training dogs. A board of seasoned dog professionals goes over each submittal. I’m constantly attending workshops and conferences to improve my skills and knowledge, I spend usually two weeks a year in workshops, at conferences, or studying with other trainers. I’m active in helping new trainers get started and teaching them too.

Personal History

I live in a small town near the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport with my wife, and two daughters. I moved to Texas from Indiana in 1984 and I love my adopted home state. I also share my house and my life with three dogs – two dogs rescued from local shelters, and a dog I bought from a careful, responsible breeder. There are also usually  visiting dogs here, rescue dogs I am working with or client dogs, enjoying a visit with my little pack. When I get a chance I like to bird hunt, exercise with kettlebells, and spend time with my family. I worship at Bridgeway Church in Flower Mound.

There was a time when my world revolved around me – what I wanted, what I thought I needed, what I thought I “deserved”. I spent my energy chasing what many folks do…..money, possessions, and status. I defined myself by what others thought about me, about the way I thought about myself.

I went through a time of transformation, a time of deep soul searching – I hit rock bottom. When I came out the other side, I realized what is truly important in life – God, relationships, serving others, and reaching each owner, each dog, right where they are right now.

That changed perspective, that insight, is what enables me to reach out to dog owners, and redeem dogs…