Treadmill Training. Exercise your dog's body and mind

The treadmill is a great way to supplement your dogs mental and physical exercise. It is excellent for those rainy or cold days when you don’t want to walk outside for a long time, or on days when your only available walking time is in the heat of the day or when it is dark out. Treadmill will not replace those essential outside walks but it compliments that activity well. It requires some mental focus as well for your dog to stay “in the groove” on the treadmill. My appointments that focus on the treadmill skills only take about an hour, it helps if the dog knows how to walk on a leash well but it is not mandatory. Please give me a call or send an email today to get your dog going on that treadmill!


Treadmill appointments take about an hour and cost $150. We will have your dog walking on the treadmill by the end of the appointment. As with other appointments there may be a travel fee if you are far from the DFW area, I will let you know if that is applicable when I schedule the appointment.