One in home visit – Bella and Jersey (house trasher and escape artist)

Posted on September 10, 2014 · Posted in Success Stories

Hi Tod, I hope this email finds you doing well.  My update is long overdue! The work you did with Bella and Jersey was unbelievable.

In just that short time of training ALL of   us, both of our dogs have undergone amazing transformations.  To say they are perfect and obedient all of the time would be a lie, but they are truly changed dogs.  I think you came in March and since then, Jersey has only jumped the fence twice.  One time was in the first week after your visit and the most recent time was to chase a wild animal.  She has killed several armadillo, moles, and possums.  But that time, I saw her and she immediately ran to the front of our house.  Ironically, last week, she got out late at night and then the next morning and I was so upset.  But come to find out, my daughter left the side gate open so it was a free pass for her to escape.  I don’t have to lock them up in the house when I leave anymore.  They are free to roam inside and outside and enjoy the sun, which is Jersey’s favorite thing to do during the day.

I didn’t even plan on having Bella as a student but she has been “cured” as well.  She no longer has to go in the crate which is so wonderful.  She doesn’t chew anything when I leave her out except the occasional trash bag that we leave out.  They are both so well-adjusted now and the amount of stress that you have removed from my life is the greatest gift of all.  It truly has made a world of difference. I have given your name out half a dozen times to neighbors and clients so I hope you have received new clients from my glowing recommendation. I can’t thank you enough for helping our family!! Tricia H

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