Board & Train. Invest in your dog's life

Board and Train Dallas

If you dream of having on and off leash control of your dog then a 21 day board and train program may be for you. Unlike many board and train facilities, I do not take more than two client dogs in for training at a time. That means your dog gets tons of loving attention. This training can take place when you plan to travel, or just to give you a three week break from your current routine. Your pup will get the fundamentals in manners and obedience, and return ready to follow your leadership. Your dog won’t be stressed and lonely in some separate “kennel”, but with us night and day, learning to behave in a real home environment here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I use and recommend the E-Touch Method ™ pioneered by Martin Deeley, internationally known gundog trainer, canine author, and pet dog trainer for our board and train dogs. I am a certified trainer in this excellent and gentle style. Martin’s method uses electronic collars in a subtle way to train a dog without pulling on a collar, harness, or head halter. It is as far removed from the old “shock” collars as a laser is from a flood light. This training method in essence “taps” the dog to focus him on the command, or to distract him from continuing an activity he should not be pursuing. The dog is not in fear, or in pain, you will see a dog that gets very happy when he (or she) sees their e-collar. The beauty of this method is that when the owner is trained in the use of the collar, and uses it with a dog trained in the E-Touch Method ™ expert control can be transferred from the trainer to the average dog owner. That can’t be said for any other training method we know of! Expect an excellent companion that has found a cheerful outlook on life.

At the end of the training you will be given a quality new e-collar and transmitter to keep, and trained in their use.


Contact me to determine when we can begin the 21 board and train program for your dog. I usually want to come visit your dog first – if for some reason I don’t think your dog would be a good candidate for board and train I will tell you at that time, although that is very rare. I now have options as well for board and train of tiny dogs, please contact me for details.

Three weeks after drop off, I will bring home your dog. When I bring home your pup not only will you be pleased to meet your newly educated dog, but to complete the training, you will train your dog and I (plan for at least two hours).

Our promise to you – lifetime help with your dog. My training is for the life of your dog within your family and if you ever have problems with your dog again, then you may call me to help you with no further training fees applied.

Board and Train Pricing

The fee for the 21-day board and train program is $2795. $2000 is due as deposit to hold a time for your dog, the balance of $795 is due the day the dog comes home. The fee includes 21 days of boarding, the basic training listed above, and addressing any specific problem the dog has. The owner will receive training at their home at the end of the 21-day program, and will receive an e-collar and transmitter as part of the package. The training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. If for any reason your dog needs to stay longer than three weeks there is no additional cost. Payment is accepted via cash, check, or credit card (CC purchases will include a 3% service fee).