Puppy Training. Start off right with your new puppy and end up with a great dog!

Puppy Training Dallas Fort Worth TXJust get a puppy, or considering getting one?

You will start training your puppy the moment you meet it – but will you intentionally be training for good behaviors, or letting random situations and inconsistent treatment “train” your puppy with bad habits? The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life is essential for training, the window of time when it decides what is “normal” and what is “scary”. These weeks are the time when you are forming a confident dog or one filled with confusion and fear as to its place in your life. You need a solid foundation of knowledge and leadership or even the best tempered little puppy can be become a BIG problem.

A smart investment for your young puppy is an in home consultation, to get things started on the right foot, even smarter is to involve me in the process before you select a dog. I’ve seen some heartbreaking issues that owners could have avoided just by spending some time with a professional involved in their breed, kennel, and puppy selection.

If you are looking for Puppy Training in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, contact us now!

Even if your puppy is an older pup its not too late to get things on the right track, contact Redeeming Dogs today for advice on the best next step for your dog.


Call Redeeming Dogs – a consultation visit will help you establish the right routines and behaviors from the very beginning. This will save you many hours of frustration, property damage, and heartache. An investment now will repay you and your puppy with many happy years spent together. Puppies come hard wired to follow, if we shape them right in the beginning many future problems can be avoided. Puppy consultation fees also apply against your later board and train investment should you want total control on leash and off.

If you have found us past that 16 week window don’t worry! We recommend our board and train program or an in-home consultation, you will still be delighted with the companion that we can give you.

Choosing a good, healthy pup is an essential part of the foundation for starting a long lasting and caring relationship. Redeeming Dogs helps clients find and select puppies and dogs to meet their specific needs and family situations. Whether you want a dog from a breeder or a rescue dog, whatever your preferences are with regard to breed, sex, or age, I am always willing to share my experience and knowledge to find the right companion you are seeking. Your new puppy will be a member of your family for the next 12-15 years, so make this decision with caution and a lot of thought, and advice from someone you can trust.

Please contact Redeeming Dogs to discuss and evaluate your needs, lifestyle, and the characteristics of the breeds you like. I can help you start on a path to success by helping you to make those important decisions. Redeeming Dogs can offer the advice, support and assistance that you need prior to your new family member arriving.

To discuss choosing a puppy or adult dog further and your specific requirements, contact Tod at tod@redeemingdogs.com. Well prepared owners should schedule a consultation visit before a puppy even arrives at the house…

Consultation/Puppy Training Pricing

The puppy training/consultation is $300, it is for dogs 16 weeks and younger, they usually last 2 hours). We will stay in touch after that consultation by phone or email to make sure things are going well. Follow up visits (if desired) are typicalIy an hour long, and are $125. Some clients like follow up visits just to thoroughly address all issues (for example, the first visit is usually at the owner’s home, the next visit might be at the dog park or somewhere else where behavior problems show up). There can be a travel fee for consultations that are not within 25 miles of Redeeming Dogs; I will tell you if that is required once I know the location of the consultation. Payment is accepted via cash, check or credit card (credit card payment will include a 3% service charge).

MY PROMISE TO YOU – If at the end of the consultation you feel we did not make huge progress with your dog and your understanding of your dog tell me, I will refund your money for the consultation.