Training at Your Home. Progress Guaranteed

I will come to your home and show you how to communicate with your dog, and we stop problem behaviors together – usually within the first hours of arrival. You will see amazing progress within the visit. If you don’t feel that a HUGE improvement has happened during the consultation, tell me at that time and I will refund your money. That is Redeeming Dogs’ promise to you!

I will devote the first portion of the visit to discussing the behavior you want to change and meeting the folks that live in the household. It is vital that you spend this time with me so I can determine how to address your unique needs. This gives you more insight into how I work as well, as I explain my methods you will have a great foundation for our hands on training.

Redeeming Dogs’ consultation techniques are as much about the owner as the dog. Many owners have developed fears or anxieties about the dog’s behavior and these feelings are transmitted right “down the leash” to the dog. I can help you with special techniques during the visit to drain that fear and replace it with confidence and courage.

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The visit will help teach you to “read” your dog….just because he can’t speak, doesn’t mean that he is not talking to you. We might even teach you how to speak a bit of “dog” too!

To summarize the consultation visit: I stand in the gap for you, and bring both you and your dog(s) into a state of understanding and balance. I either eliminate, or put you on the path to eliminate, undesirable behavior in your dog. Believe it or not, your dog is as desperate for peace and stability as you are. He just doesn’t know the name for that desperation or how to fix it. He expresses his desperation in the behavior that is making you crazy. Your dog has problems often because you, accidentally, have forced him to make a lot of decisions that he is incapable of making.

I will show your dog that YOU are very capable of making the key decisions for him and you WILL keep them safe. They can trust you. You will become the master your dog always needed! During consultations I use traditional tools like slip collars, pinch collars, head halters – whatever I think will work best with your dog. I do not use e-collars during consultations, e-collar work is only with the board and train program.

Consultation/Training Pricing

The consultation/training is $400, there is no set time limit (they usually last 3 hours). I will work with all the dogs present during that visit. This is  NOT remote collar work we will be using other dog training techniques and tools. We will stay in touch after that first consultation by phone or email to make sure things are going well. Follow up visits are typicalIy an hour long, and are $125. Some clients like follow up visits just to thoroughly address all issues (for example, the first visit is usually at the owner’s home, the next visit might be at the dog park or somewhere else where behavior problems show up). There can be a travel fee for consultations that are not within 25 miles of Redeeming Dogs; I will tell you if that is required once I know the location of the consultation. You can pay via cash, check, or credit card (credit card payments will include a 3% service fee).

MY PROMISE TO YOU – If at the end of the consultation you feel we did not make huge progress with your dog and your understanding of your dog tell me, I will refund your money for the consultation.