Apollo, a Shi Tzu Mix

Posted on August 10, 2012 · Posted in Success Stories

Tod is truly a dog whisperer. My Apollo is a shi tzu mix. He was an 18 month old rescue when I got him. He was the most hyper dog. I had never seen him walk; he ran everywhere. All he wanted to do was play ball 24 hours a day and he would never let me forget it. I was beside myself. Tod doesn’t even know this and I am embarassed about this but before I met Tod, I took Apollo to another trainer who had been recommended by my vet. She had Apollo in board and train for 2 weeks and he came back as hyper as he was when he left me. She was totally unapologetic. When Apollo met Tod, the little dog was mesmerized by him. Tod had Apollo watching his every move and behaving within the first 10 minutes. Apollo went to board and train with Tod and was ready to come back in less than 2 weeks. He came back to me calm and willing to obey. He understands his commands and obeys them—sometimes with a little reminding. But he is now a joy, thanks to Tod.