Hannah, an Aggressive Puppy

Posted on August 10, 2012 · Posted in Success Stories

When we brought Hannah home at 8 weeks old she was the perfect puppy for our family. She was a calm puppy that loved to cuddle and sleep. Then she woke up and we didn’t know what to do with her. She had become aggressive, wouldn’t listen to us, was herding and nipping at the kids uncontrollably. Probably usual puppy behavior, however; it was too much for our family. She was no longer the puppy/dog we wanted for our family, I was ready to let her live in the garage.

We tried taking her to training classes at a large chain pet store but it did not help. We were at our wits end when fortunately my husband noticed Tod’s Redeeming Dogs website on Tod’s car. We checked out his videos on Youtube and then decided to give him a try. We are so thankful that we did. Upon coming over to our house we quickly learned that we were the problem and not the dog. It was amazing right away, Hannah was listening to him… Where did our crazy puppy go? For Tod Hannah was totally behaved. Tod showed us how to communicate with Hannah in a language she understood. After a few hours with Tod, I felt confident and sure… I could do this… Hannah was going to be a great dog for our family. I just had to make sure I was in charge. Tod left and we started taking charge!

During Christmas holidays we must have forgot how to do it right, as our crazy dog returned. We called up Tod and he came over to our house right away even though it was the holidays. He assessed the problem quickly and helped us resolve it. He did not charge us for the visit which is amazing and great customer service. Ever since his last visit Hannah has been great. We are so fortunate that we found Tod and he was able to help us with our beautiful dog.