Rosie now loves my male cat, Sammy

Posted on October 2, 2012 · Posted in Success Stories

Rosie and Sammy - mid cities Golden Retriever Training!
Golden Retriever Training! Mid Cities dog training was needed here, Deb adopted Rosie but had no idea she was a dog aggressive dog or a cat aggressive dog. Something needed to change quickly! Here’s Deb’s letter after her dog came for my board and train program.

I can’t begin to express how grateful

I am for the time you’ve taken to train Rosie, and to teach me to lead her! When I first rescued her, I thought I had made a serious mistake! Between her schizophrenic reaction to other dogs and her fighting with my male cat, Sammy, I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep her. (I think you’re also a cat whisperer, as Sammy was not helping the situation by trying to dominate the house.) If it weren’t for you coming by the house to teach me how to respond when they fought, I’m afraid Rosie would have eventually hurt Sammy during one of their squabbles. Now they love each other, and take turns giving each other kisses!

I’m also grateful for the wonderful training she received during her board and train! She went from being a dog that was difficult to manage and a nightmare to walk with other dogs around, to one that I love spending time with. She loves to work (long recalls are her favorite game) and is delighted when she successfully accomplishes a task. She is such a joy and I’m so so glad I trusted you to work with us. I just I thought you’d enjoy these pics of the two former enemies being pals!


Rosie the Golden did not like his housemate Sammy the cat. They are buddies now.


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